Tools forMarketing & Acquisition

Overall Solution for Marketing, Acquisition and Branding
As a B2C company we see the entire process of acquiring and retaining engaged users as an integral part of our mission. We have developed methods and tools for an ongoing process of analyzing existing brand assets, migrating users from other networks and databases, determining and predicting the value of new users and optimizing each acquisition channel for bringing on board the highest value users with the best viral potential. This module allows us low-cost, yet high-value, user acquisition.

Our User Acquisition Process
Our user acquisition process is aimed for acquiring users with the highest potential of being active and loyal, and bring their friends on board, while pushing down the cost per acquired user. We do this through an ongoing process of:


Supporting Viral Growth
Viral growth is the key for reducing online acquisition costs. While there isn’t a way to guarantee virality our modules are aimed for maximizing the chances for it. In order to achieve virality we are developing tools that allow us to:


Online Visibility, Branding & Reputation
We see branding and reputation monitoring as an important part of social platform marketing. Therefore, we are supporting our acquisition efforts with an overall approach of search engine optimization, brand mentions monitoring, video optimization, social channels content optimization, online PR, media buying and more…