Tools forMonetization

Welcome to the World of Social Content Monetization!
We build platforms that take advantage of users’ passion, in order to connect between like-minded individual based on common interests. This allows high retention of users and high engagement level. We learn our users’ behavior in order to understand the best ways to monetize each and every community, and develop monetization tools that cover the following areas-

Recognition & Popularity – Social Virtual Goods
We have developed a set of monetization tools that aim to serve our users’ needs for recognition and popularity inside their community. This includes:

Based on the individual behavior of each user we use our built-in mechanism to expose each user to these tools based on his or her own need of recognition and popularity.

Premium Content
We use various tools to allow and encourage the consumption of premium content inside our platform. The tools are based on 2nd-screen technologies, live events, exclusive content (such as behind-the-scenes and live games), in-game videos and more. We learn the patterns of exclusive content consumption on the user level as well as the platform level. This allows us to optimize monetization for every peace of premium content and identify content that has high monetization potential.

We believe that for users to have high retention and stickiness they need to have fun on the platform and enjoy the social interactions. Our gamification tools include virtual social games, social group games, embedded quizzes, competitions between users, content gamification and additional tools that are based on our C2C approach.

Content Discovery
We have developed a unique concept for micro-community content discovery, allowing 3rd party advertisers to reach a well segmented audience while providing laser-targeted content. We offer a variety of modules for content sponsorship, events promotion and community leadership based on this concept.