As a technology, community based, B2C platform, we are open to a wide range of external capabilities to be integrated into our platform. We are developing high-end integration solutions, in order to allow any relevant 3rd-party solution to integrate with us. This allows to improve the platform capabilities and user experience.

These integrations include-

  • Content providers
  • Technological content solutions
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Payment gateways
  • Community management tools
  • Video and other media solutions
  • Advertising system


Our platform, and its access to targeted communities, carries a great opportunity for different kind of external solutions that are meant to deliver content directly to users. Our platform is also benificial to any B2C solution from the worlds of e-commerce & online payment, social games & gamification technologies, advertising solutions, marketing acquisition tools and more.

We are already partnering with some of the biggest technology corporations on the global market, and constantly looking for new interesting partnership that can add value to our communities, while using our integration capabilities to enhance user experience, engagement, content consumption and monetization.