OurProduct & Technology

All individuals possess the need to be a part of a community, express themselves, connect to other individuals on the same community with whom they share the interests, engage in real-time and share exciting moments. Our mission is to address this need on a product level, creating a complete ecosystem where users can connect and interact with their communities.

We have developed an innovative social content monetization cross-platform (Mobile & Web), which connects between people around relevant content. The connections are based on content scoring engine and relevancy analysis, creating a world of content-based highly engaged micro-communities. Our product content delivery mechanism enables both the users and the community owners and moderators, to create content that connects between users.

We have also developed several monetization tools that integrate premium content delivery, gamification technologies, content discovery mechanism and virtual goods. All tools are based on an open source platform with high capabilities for 3rd-party integrations, enabling any partner to add value to the community.

Our product capabilities represent an A-to-Z solution for running a community, developed into one platform-


    Interacting Technology has developed an innovative social content monetization cross-platform (Mobile & Web) that includes:

  • Social Interactions. Live social feed, scoring & relevancy engines, explore & discovery & social predictions
  • Content Channels. Content solutions to increase engagement, live streaming & broadcasting capabilities using high end technology.
  • Monetization Tools. E-commerce services, entertainment and gamification products and a unique profiling engine to meet & engage with the community.
  • Technology Platform. Big data analysis utilizing the economic within the communities, advanced CRM & communication capabilities to analyze community behavior.
  • This complete solution enables us to reach the highest KPI’s compare to the market standards